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Tips on Reheating or Storing Your Takeout

Tips on Reheating or Storing Your Takeout

Takeout trends this year! Not only has it been quite a challenge for restaurants to maintain their standard quality in takeout (please keep in mind the temperature, sauce, consistency may vary slightly after being packaged), customers also wonder what is the best way to reheat their takeout so that the spring rolls could be crispy again and the noodles could be nice, soft and hot.  We strongly recommend customers to unbox and consume both the hot and cold menu items immediately.  For food to be consumed at a later time, it is important to store and reheat it properly.  We have gathered some professional advice and would like to share some tips with you*. 

Reheating Meals

  • Reheat foods containing meat or poultry to an internal temperature of at least 74°C (165 °F). Always use a food thermometer to verify the internal temperature of the food.
  • If reheating in the oven, set the oven temperature no lower than 325°F. Reheating in slow cookers and chafing dishes is not recommended.
  • When reheating food in the microwave oven, cover and rotate food for even heating. Always allow standing time before checking the internal temperature of the food.
  • Consult your microwave oven owner’s manual for recommended times and power levels.

Deep fried items Air frying or Oven: Condensation in the package may cause your deep fried flavourites to become soggy in a short time. Reheating previously deep fried items in Air-fryer or oven slowly at a not too high temperature may restore the crispness. Try 350°F for 3 mins first. Add more time if needed. If it has been stored in the refrigerator, please adjust the temperature and time according to the power level of your equipment. 
Stir-fried dishes / noodles/ rice Microwave: Reheating the takeout may cause dryness of food. Put a small amount of water in a safe container inside the microwave to add moisture to the food. Medium heat. The best result is stopping to stir once or twice in between 45 sec. intervals.

Wok/ Pan stove top: Heat over high heat in a wok or non stick pan, stirring constantly.

Curry Saucepan or Pot on Stove top: Reheat in a saucepan (with a splash of water) over low heat. Stir occasionally. 

Microwave: Add a splash of water to the curry and reheat over low-medium heat. You may want to slightly cover the curry with lid (do not completely close) to avoid splashing. Stir once or twice in between 1 min intervals. 


Consult your microwave oven owner’s manual for recommended times and power levels.


  • 2-hour rule: it is commonly recommended not to leave perishable foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, and casseroles at room temperature longer than 2 hours; 1 hour if the food is in high air temperature higher than 30°C (90°F) e.g. outdoor. Considering the time that the food has been waiting for pick up and your travel time to home, we recommend not to leave your food at room temperature for longer than 1 hour or even shorter if the air temperature is higher than room temperature.  
  • Upon arriving home please reheat and keep the hot food over 60°C (140°F) or refrigerate it (under 4°C or 40°F) if it would be consumed at a later time. Please consume the food within the next 24 hours.




*The above recommendations are our courtesy for your reference only. Information is gathered from personal experiences of individuals, sources such as USDA and Canadian government websites; Thai Basil is not responsible for any procedures done by customers or out of control factors affecting the food quality after being picked up from our premise.   




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