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Our Thai kitchen takes great care and pride in all of the dishes we make. All dishes are made freshly upon ordering, with the freshest of ingredients and those imported from Thailand. We strive to prepare and package our menu items to preserve our standard quality; however please keep in mind the temperature, sauce, consistency may vary slightly after being packaged.  Deep fried or noodle items may be impacted more by condensation in the package.  Some out-of-control factors might also affect the takeout food quality after leaving our restaurant, e.g. condensation in package, reheating method, storing method, food handling at home, etc.  We strongly recommend customers to unbox and consume both the hot and cold menu items immediately. In case the food would be consumed later, you are welcome to ask for some recommendations on storing and reheating.

Store credits or Replacement food is available upon immediate request (within 1 hour after receiving the take out order) for orders in which the food is wrong, omitted, or similar issues that we would be able to visibly identify, verify and investigate*:

* Please return the food order in the original container(s)** to our host.

*Sorry unfortunately replacement or credits are not provided for food that a guest does not like the taste or portion size.

*If 25% or more of the food has been consumed or removed we cannot offer replacement or store credit.

*If the food has been discarded, repackaged or tampered with then we cannot verify its origin or issue, we cannot offer replacement or store credit.


Food Order Errors*

We sincerely apologize if you receive food that is different from your receipt. Please call us as soon as you notice that there was an error in your order. Please come to pick up the correct item, your correct food order will be our priority. In case you are not available to come, we will offer a store credit.

Food Order Incomplete*

Our kitchen staff always checks the content of takeout order and then our servers should have double checked again before releasing it for pick up. In the rare occasion that you do not receive food that is on your receipt, please allow us to sincerely apologize.  Please call us within 30 mins after you have received, and we will be able to track and verify the issue. We will make it up to you immediately or to issue you with a store credit.

Spice Level

We do not offer replacement or store credits for spice level.

We preset different spice levels for all items. We also try our best to accommodate your request on spice levels (Mild, Medium, Hot, and Thai Hot) but spice can be different for everyone. We usually suggest that you are on the side of caution and choose a lower spice level because you can add spice in, but can’t take it out! Please note: there are some ingredients in some dishes, e.g. small Thai green chili, that are naturally very spicy. We could put less but it does not necessarily mean a mild spice level could be achieved. It may still be spicy once you taste a little part of it.

Complimentary Food or Items

Sorry, we cannot provide a store credit or cash value on any complimentary food. We do provide courtesy items such as disposable forks & spoons, chopsticks, etc. when requested for free. If we mistakenly omit a free courtesy item you are welcome to let us know so we may address the issue with our staff, however, we cannot provide discount or store credit.

Special Requests

We generally discourage changes on some items: various ingredients and saucing have been selected to complement each other; changes may undermine the desired effect of the dish and require special handling which will slow down our service.  No substitution please.  There will be a minimal charge for changes, and please allow longer time to prepare your order. Please note that some menu items may not be changed.

Our kitchen does our best to accommodate your dietary requests. Please allow extra time on your order preparation.

Allegories & Sensitivity

Food may contain traces of nuts, dairy and other allergens. Like most other restaurants, since allergens are present in the facility, it is impossible to guarantee any allergens cross-contact.  Also extensive selections of sauces which may contain allergens are used in Asian cuisine, and labels of sauces list only major and limited ingredients, food prepared with sauces may contain very minimal amounts of allergens, however that items are considered safe for mild allergies or intolerances. We also try to list out as many ingredients that our menu items contain as possible, though please be aware that menu items may possibly contain a minimal amount of allergens which they are considered safe for mild allergies or intolerances.  Please advise your servers of any allergies prior to ordering. For those customers who have severe allergies: our staff have knowledge on the most common allergies and will try to provide service and recommendations out of their best of knowledge, we will dedicate our full attention to your order but cannot guarantee to provide an allergen-free meal.

About coconut milk:

The most common ingredient that may sometimes cause people discomfort in stomach or bowels is coconut milk which is heavily used in Thai curry and many dishes:

“Coconut milk contains fermentable carbohydrates. These can cause digestive issues, such as diarrhea or constipation, in people with irritable bowel syndrome.”

“The sugar in coconut milk contains fructose which can cause fructose malabsorption, a condition that affects 40% of western populations. one may develop flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation, vomiting and fatigue when consuming coconut milk.”

Cancel Prepaid Order

Sorry we cannot cancel, refund or give store credit if you change your mind or mistakenly order an item after the order is prepared.

Gift Cards, Deposit, Etc.

We cannot provide any refund or store credit for non-food items or beverages, including gift cards and deposit.

Note for our In-house Online Delivery Orders

We hire Uber drivers to deliver our in-house orders and we are responsible for a large portion of the cost while the drivers are not under our supervision. For any concerns on delivery you are welcome to let us know so we could address the issues to the third party company to address the issues. 



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