Authentic Thai Desserts

Mango Sticky Rice with Fresh Mango

ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง Steamed healthy black and white sticky rice, served with fresh mango and coconut milk

Deep Fried Banana & Mango Ice Cream

กล้วยทอด & ไอศกรีมมะม่วง Topped with honey (contains eggs & milk)

Roti Pancake & Mango Ice Cream

โรตีไอศกรีมมะม่วง Freshly grilled roti with mango ice cream; topped with condensed milk and chocolate sauce

Mango Ice Cream

ไอศกรีมมะม่วง Made with the finest blend of sweet tropical and SE mangoes, contains milk.

Young Coconut Ice Cream

ไอศกรีมกะทิ Coconut ice cream made with Thai coconut milk & young coconut water.contains milk

Roti Street-eat

Freshly grilled roti, condensed milk; optional powdered sugar (2 pcs)

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